AMGO Lifts

AMGO is the leader in lift technology with environmentally safe, above ground automotive lifts that range from 6,000 to 30,000 pound capacities with all the accessories to customize your lift as needed.

  • Safety systems
  • Design
  • Construction
  • The most inclusive warranty in the lift industry!!
  • Warranty for steel – 5 YEARS (vs 1 year for other brands)
  • Warranty for hydraulic parts – 3 YEARS (vs 1 year for other brands)

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AMGO Lift’s customers are those lift buyers seeking the best value and best warranty.


AMGO Hydraulics 

AMGO Hydraulics manufactures COMMERCIAL two-post, four-post, and scissor lifts designed for very heavy use in shops and dealerships..

They also manufacture residential and hobby/specialty lifts that will fit virtually all your strict requirements. Between personal single post, scissor, 2 Post and 4 Post lifts – no matter your needs – we have the right lift for you, plus many specialty items and lift accessories.

We are proud of what we do and happy to help you.

If you are under a vehicle on a lift, make sure you are safe with an AMGO lift protecting you.

AMGO Hydraulics builds the best products with the finest materials, to the highest standards.  AMGO Lifts of Florida will provide you with the industry’s best sales and service!  Our staff will assist you with the information you need to decide on the best lift for your application. Call now for a fleet evaluation or to answer any technical questions you have.

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