Parking Lifts 408HP


Residential parking lift 408P is one of the best in the world.


The AMGO 408-P is a true space-saving powerhouse. It is the perfect service lift for shops and home carports with limited floor space with performance maximization in mind. The 408-P requires no special foundation or complicated installation. These features and more, make the AMGO 408-P one of the best commercial or private use lifts in the world. The 408-P is the perfect choice for commercial shops or residential carports trying to save space with a capacity of 8,000 lbs.


•  8,000 lbs. capacity, which is perfect for light-duty vehicles.

•  AMGO exclusive hidden safety locks and manual single-point release device allows for operators to unlock the  safety locks from one column simultaneously

•  Double-S shaped columns help increase the column strength

•  Skid proof diamond platform provides traction for the tires to stay put.

•  Flexible Design: The power side column can be installed at any corner

•  It can be single phase 220V or 110V power unit

• Comes with a 5-year structural warranty and a 3-year hydraulic and 2-year electrical part warranty













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Model 408-P
Lifting Capacity 8,000 lbs (3600 kg)
Lifting Time 97S
A:Overall Length (Inc Ramps) 207″ (5257mm)
B:Overall Length (No Ramps) 173 1/4″ (4400mm)
C:Overall Width 109 5/8″ (2784mm)
D: Width Between Columns 96″ (2438mm)
E: Lifting Height 73 3/4″ (1872 mm)
F:Overall Height 82 7/8″ (2105mm)
G:Width Between Platforms 37″ (940mm)
H:Platforms outer width 74 3/8″ (1890mm)
Gross Weight 1,834 lbs (832Kg)
Motor 110V 1.5HP

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