Portable Lifts

AMGO portable lifts are an excellent choice for a low ceiling tire shop or service center that wants to get a passenger car or light SUV lifted and worked on quickly. Depending upon you r needs you can choose from low rise lifts up to full rise portable lifts that raises vehicles to a full 42″. Simply drive the vehicle over the approach ramps and place the rubber support blocks under the vehicle’s lifting points.

When all of your vehicle service bays are in use and you need another lift right away, portable lifts are the answer.  AMGO Portable Lifts can be quickly and easily set up and used to hoist cars and trucks anywhere.

AMGO Hydraulics Makes the Easiest Columns to Move

No plastic or steel wheels here. AMGO Hydraulics lifts move via large twin 6 5/8″ diameter, rubber-coated steering wheels to easily roll over expansion seams and shop debris. These wheels retract to load the weight on the automotive hoist and the shop floor rather than the auto lift’s wheels and axle.

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